The Psoriasis Diet

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Although there is no specific scientific evidence that certain foods can impact your psoriasis, living a healthier and well balanced lifestyle will certainly make a difference. Remember, psoriasis starts on the inside, not the outside. A healthy diet is not the only thing necessary when it comes to fighting your psoriasis condition, but it plays a big part.

Everything you put into your mouth goes directly to work within your body, so knowing what foods to choose can make a significant difference in your psoriasis breakouts.

Also, a healthy lifestyle free of heart disease, diabetes, or possibility of a stroke (all of which are elevated in people with psoriasis) will not only make you look better, you’ll feel amazing.

Is There A Correlation Between Psoriasis And Diet?

As always, your diet is THE baseline for great health.

Remember: The more you eat nutrient dense foods, the more you will want them, and the faster your skin will start to heal.

If you’re healthy, your psoriasis will slowly clear up naturally, or you may be able to prevent it in the first place.

The Psoriasis Diet

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As we always say, your diet is the basis for good health, and it’s no different when it comes to psoriasis.

Not only is your diet a treatment for active psoriasis, but it’s also a way to prevent psoriasis in the first place.

If you’re not used to eating healthy or conscious eating, don’t fret, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Lets Get Started

Antioxidants – Foods that are high in antioxidants include fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and herbs. All of these foods should be included in your diet in the first place, but increasing their portions will only benefit your skin in the long run.

High Fiber Foods – Similar to antioxidant rich foods, stick with veggies, fruits, beans, whole guttate psoriasis diet, diet for psoriasis sufferers, the psoriasis dietgrains, and seeds. High fiber foods will keep your digestive system super healthy and help you avoid any constipation(aka keeping toxins out of your system!)

Probiotic foods – Natural yogurts, Kefir(fermented milk drink), pickles, traditional butter milk, and many more. Probiotics will boost you immune system and improve your digestive function.

Vitamin A – Specific fruits and vegetables! There are plenty of studies out there that show eating more Vitamin A rich foods improve skin health naturally. Think carrots, kale, spinach, collard greens, even fruits like watermelon and mango!

Zinc – DO NOT over look this one. Think lamb, pumpkin seeds, chick peas, grass fed beef, and the list goes on and on. There are cases out there in which zinc has helped reduce joint swelling and pain for serious psoriasis sufferers.

Fish and Omega 3s – Fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines, lake trout, and herring are all great sources for Vitamin D(critical for healing psoriasis) and omega 3 fatty acids.

Coconut milk/Almond milk – These aren’t essential but if you are looking for a “psoriasis diet plan” you should be avoiding most dairy products as they don’t do anything for the human body. So these options are great replacements, and full of healthy fats/protein.

Herbs and Spices – Get to know them all. There are a ton of great herbs and spices that are absolutely loaded with antioxidants and have anti inflammatory properties. Think tumeric, oregano, ginger, cloves, cinnamon etc.

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This is just a starting point. All of the things mentioned above have A LOT more foods to them, you just have to educate yourself and do a little research.

Healthy eating should enhance your life, not control it.

(Some really cool ideas and recipes on pinterest here!)

Extra tips: Avoid simple sugars, processed food, dairy, alcohol, processed meats(cold cuts), and fried foods. You can enjoy these things at times, but if you want to control your psoriasis, they shouldn’t be in your everyday consumption.


Thats it folks – Take it one day at a time, and it will get easier.


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